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תכשיטים, שרשראות, טבעות, צמידים

This is our story, 
The story of our dream
We dreamed it from a young age when we went to bed and talked to each other quietly, before bed ...
We learned Photoshop and film editing before we learned English ...
That we have learned that our imagination has no limits ...
We have always loved to design, be original and perform. 
We made the first bracelets for sale in Scouts (maybe this is where the weakness for yellow was born?) And since then everything has rolled and grown ...
In 2015  We opened the  MAI.DAN Studio.
Since then we have also been studying - Daniel Design at Shenkar and May Zoref
Every day we design and produce jewelry, accessories, and all kinds of original details.
We promise to diversify, innovate and surprise you every time again.

One request to us to you
We ask, from each and every one of you,
Remember only one thing
Always always make your dreams come true
And always do what you want, love, dream
The best you can.

Daniel and May